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     Playing and building guitars has been my life and my passion for over 45 years. From the first guitar I built in 1978, and now hundreds of guitars later, I build each guitar as if it were my ownThe archtop guitar is a work of art in my eyes, and is my favorite guitar to build and design. Designing and building guitars with my clients, and hearing them played, is still one of the most rewarding experiences of my lifeMy handmade American Archtop Guitars, for which I have received worldwide critical acclaim, are built for the player. Guitars can be custom ordered and I am always available to discuss your personal preferences. I am president and owner of American Archtop Guitars. All my instruments are built in Nazareth, Pa. USA



- Bucky Pizzarelli

Andy Summers


So---I mean this, Dale---it is a real privilege to play the guitar you made. It’s got my heart and I'll give it my soul every time I play it. Always my best to you,"

-Howard DeHoff



~American Archtop Guitar Models~


Bucky Pizzarelli's Guitar


Bucky Pizzarelli Archtop Jazz

Bucky Pizzarelli

Bucky Pizzarelli 7 String Jazz Guitar


Bucky Pizzarelli

Bucky Pizzarelli guitar American Archtop Blonde

Non cutaway Jazz Archtop Sunburst

Archtop 7 String Jazz Guitar


Lollar Pickup in a Archtop Jazz Guitar

Archtop Guitar Handmade USA

Natural Archtop Guitar

Birdseye Maple Archtop Guitar

Custom Archtop Guitar With Flamed Maple

7 String Guitar Head Stock

American Archtop Headstock