Frequently Asked Questions


Q- For the electric guitar workshop, what sort of wood is the prefabricated body made out of? 

AThe necks are maple with a rosewood fret boards and the bodies are made out of ash.


Q- I am just assessing all costs etc. involved. Have already two of your archtop 7-string guitars (16" and 17") and am contemplating building one. E.g. your 6 Dec. class starts Sat. 09:00 am. That means that I would have to fly into Newark on Friday on the latest. 

1) When I leave after one week will my guitar be completely finished?

2) How could I get from Newark to Nazareth, besides renting a car? Have tried to find rail (Amtrack) and buss (Greyhound) connections, but probably they do not stop in Nazareth.

3) Where could I stay?

A- Thanks for the interest and great to hear from you.

We start on Saturday, so you would have to come in on Friday. We will be finished the following Saturday by noon.

The guitar will be complete in the white but will have no finish on it. The finish would have to be applied after class.

There are bus routes to Easton, Pa. from Newark that is about 5 miles from Nazareth. We could pick you up from that point.

The only place to stay without a car would be a Bed and Breakfast about 2 blocks from the school. There is a hotel about three miles that could be an option and my have other students staying there.

Let me know if you have more questions. My number is (570)856-2590

Wood shavings 

Q- I was wondering how much you can customize a guitar in the 3-day electric workshop. Would you be able to add a Floyd Rose tremolo or is it fixed bridge only?

A- In the group class we wouldn't be able to do a Floyd Rose for you, but we do offer a 1 one 1 electric class that we could. Give us a call and we can work out the details!


Q- Very interested in class on pearl inlay. Please keep me posted when the next class becomes available. Thank you!

A- Will do, we are working on a new date now. Also keep an eye out on our website for the next class date.


Q- I wanted to know when finishing the class for a course is there a certificate I would get to show I made it from hand? 

A- Yes, you get a certificate at completion of any of the courses.


Q- What type of wood is used in the small arch top workshop? 

A- The wood for the archtop guitar class is solid flamed Maple for the back & sides. Solid German Spruce for the top, the neck is maple and the fingerboard is ebony.


Q- Is it possible to create the body of the electric guitar instead of using a prefabricated one? Also, how much customization of parts/components can there be? Will finishing, painting, and polishing taught as well? 

A- In our 3 day electric class no, but we offer a solo electric class for more info just give us a call. (570)856.1324 ask for Dale.


Q- I'd be interested in taking a class next week. Is there anything I could take? I'd be interested in electric guitar making, but really any aspect of guitar making would be great. Monday 17 to Sunday 23 Feb 2014. 

A- Sorry we don't have a class then. Check here for all the electric class dates. On our site under “Building Classes”


Q- Is there any space left in the March flat top class? 

A- Sorry we had to change the date of the class. Keep and eye out for the new dates for the flat top class. They will be posted soon!


Q- Can I learn all aspects of guitar building there 

A- Yes, we don't hold anything back! We show you how we do it, then let you build your guitar with guidance along the way.


Q- I am interested in possibly taking your archtop guitar class in July.

A- Great! Feel free to just us a call if you have any questions, our number is 570.856.1324 ask for Dale.


Q- lodging included ? 

A- No sorry, but we can send you a list of hotels that we get a discount to when you sign up. Some are as low as $290 for the week.



Q- How much do workshop cost...? 

Nazareth Guitar Institute responded on 01/11/2014

A- Here are the prices for the classes we have.

3 Day Electric Class is $700

Week Long Flat Top Class is $2,500

Week Long Archtop Class is $2,975

Go to our site for more info


Q- Does the Arch top Have pickup .can it be added 

A- The price of the class does not include a pickup, but you can add that on for a additional fee and is not a problem at all.


Q- Can the Flat Top guitar be made with a single cut away to reach the E-B-G strings at the higher frets or is just the one model shown in the pictures?

A- Sorry, at this time we only have jigs and fixtures for the non cut away.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that you are playing your electric.


Q- I met you when you we're Bob's apprentice here in the poconos..My question is if I we're to take the class..could I build a 16" body 

A Sure you could build a 16". Email me your info at


Q- Is there still space in the flat top class in march?

A- Yes, there is a opening left for that class.


Q- If I wanted to make an acoustic with koa wood would I be able to just pay extra for it during the workshop or would I have to use the wood that is provided? 

A- Right now we would not be able to provide Koa, just rosewood and spruce sorry.


Q- May I bring some visitors for a tour of the factory? 

A- Sure, that would not be a problem!


Q- What tools do I need to bring? Will we build any special jigs? do you have a syllabus and daily schedule of the flat top and arch top courses available? and lastly, when scheduling either the flat top or arch top, do you have an inlay class immediately afterwards so that I can schedule both back to back? 

A- You don't have to bring any tools to the class we have everything you need! All the jigs we use are already made, we do explain how to create your own jigs though. We don't really have a class syllabus because it varies on each class. However feel free to give me a call and I can walk you though all the steps we do in the class, my number is 570.856.1324. With the inlay class Tracy Cox comes and teaches that so we try to have the class at least 4 times a year.


Q- Is this a good way for a serious guitar owner and collector to get an intro to lutherie? 

A- Yes, you will walk away with a wonderful guitar and all the skills you need.


Q- Is this a college? 

A- No, we just offer guitar building classes.


Q- Do the electric guitars have any sort of finish on them? 

A- The electric guitars do not have finish on them when you leave. We however go over everything you need to know about finishing them in the class so you can do it on your own!


Q- I have a set of custom shop Fat 50s. If I sign up for the three day guitar workshop can I use them in the guitar construction? And what do you recommend for housing? 

A- Yes, you can use those pickups in your build. As for places to stay there are a few hotels close by this is our address:

14 South Broad St. Nazareth, Pa 18064... there is also a B&B 2 blocks from us. Here is the site for that:


Q- Do you teach people to cut bodies from blocks of wood? Or are all the parts in the 3 day electric guitar class pre cut? 

A- We go over the steps you need to take to make your own body, but For the 3 day electric class they are precut.


Q- How can I get schedules for forth coming electric guitar making courses, as most of them seemed to be booked,????????? 

A- Just keep checking our website & Facebook and join the mailing list.


Q- Is it Possible to do a pearl Inlay on guitar that is already being constructed? 

A- Yes, but if the guitar has been finished then no besides the fret board.


Q- What is your phone number 

A- (570)856-1324 ask for Dale!


Q- Do you need electronics experience (i.e. soldering?) or do you teach that as part of the class? 

A- Nope, we will teach you everything you need to know!


Q- Does the school sell guitars that are made? 

A- The school does not, everyone who takes the class and builds a guitar keeps it. However we do sell custom guitars made by Dale & Tyler Unger. Here is the web address:


Q- Do you have a catalog with prices and more info? 

A- We do not have a catalog but everything is on our website Feel free to give us a call anytime also - (570)856-1324 ask for Dale.


Q- Does the class include the electronics portion of the Building of the telecaster and can other pick-ups than the standard pick-ups be used 

A- Yes, we spend awhile with the electronics portion of the class. We also offer a bunch of different kinds of pickups other then the ones that come with the class.


Q- Where can I find more info on enrolling my son in guitar building camp? 

A- Check out: and click on building classes or give us a call - (570)856-1324 ask for Dale


Q- Do you do archtop basses.. 4 sting..I was thinking short scale?.. 

A- Not at this time but keep checking our website because you never know!


Q- hello how soon will the Les Paul guitar workshop cost and when will the classes start 

A- Not sure, keep checking the website we are still working on getting everything together!


Q- would you be willing to have a workshop for the V style body guitar? 

AHaven't really thought about it. The only thing I can say is that you will never know! Just pop in once in a while and check the website to see if we added that kind of guitar to the electric guitar 


Q- do you offer housing for your 3 day electric build course? 

A- No, but there is a bed & breakfast within 2 blocks, here is the link -


Q- Another question, once registered for the class, do you recommend specific lodging places nearby? 

A- Yes we do! We can also send to you prior if you would like, just let us know.


Q- Do you guys have any workshops where you can build a Les Paul or PRS style guitar? Or are you able to add a humbucker to your strat builds? 

A- We are working on a Les Paul or PRS style build at the moment. Although it will be a little more money then the Strat or Tele Class. Yes, we could add a humbucker to a Strat.


Q- In the small group archtop class, I think it is unfinished. Is a French Polish finish suitable? Is there time to install my own P/U and pots if I bring them? 

A- Yes, it is unfinished we talk and go over all types of finishes. French polish will work great on the guitar (lots of the students go that route). The pick up is the last thing that is installed after finish. We can go over installing pick up and drill holes for pots and jack. Probably will not install and wire will save you time when you go to finish your guitar.

Hope you can join the class!


Q- Can The Skill Learned In You Class Be Easily Applied To Building Bass Guitars? 

A- Yes! The skills you will have when you leave can be applied to any fretted instrument.


Q- Is experience in woodworking required? 

A- Nope not at all, we have had very experienced woodworkers to people who have never touched any kind of tool or saw.


Q- Is there any financial aid I can use for the classes? 

A- No sorry, Not to my knowledge.


Q- Is there an age requirement/limit to who can attend the workshops? 

A- The youngest was 15 and the oldest was 86. If your willing to build a guitar we can make that happen!


Q- Sucks I'm in AZ and are you guys planning on expanding any where? 

A- Not in the future, however people come to us from all over the world.


Q- Do you sell guitars? 

A- Just the ones we make, check out:


Q- Does your flat Top class include how to put a pickup in the guitar? 

A- We do go over how to install a pickup into your guitar. However, we string up the guitars without finish on them. The pickup installation would be done at the very end after the finish is on the guitar. If you would really want to have it installed before you leave, we could make that happen for you.


Q- The courses sound excellent, I would like to take them all. But if one were really serious about making guitars to eventually sell, would you need a more in-depth study such as an apprenticeship? -RJ 

A- Students have gone on after the class and have done guitar building and repair full and part time. The class's we offer are a great way to start and get into the guitar making business. We have had many first time builders and many with experience. The Flat Top or the Archtop Class is what you should look at, more so then the Electric class.

Feel free to give me call if you have any more questions (570)856-1324.


Q- What are the hours for the Pearl Inlay Class? 

A- We start at 9am and end around 4pm. Most of the time we all go to lunch together and sometime we all go out for dinner too (good time to get the in inside info on guitar stuff haha).


Q- Hi, Is the price differential between the electric guitar workshop and the acoustic one due to the length of the workshop, or the quality of the materials included, or something else? Thanks! 

A- Yes, the price difference is for the length of the class and the work invoked to build the guitar. With all of the classes you walk away with a great guitar (Electric/Flat Top/Archtop) and the knowledge of how to build it!


Q- I am a disabled veteran and wanted to know if anyone has used the GI Bill toward the cost of attending? 

A- I don't think you can, but I may be wrong so you might want to check into it. Give us a call if you have any more questions.



Q- Hello, do you ever offer guitar amp building classes?

A- At the moment no, but we are working with Alessandro Amps to get an amp class going on. If you go to our web site join the mailing list that way we can keep you up to date.


Q- I've just become aware of your workshops and would like to know more. Do you have informational material to send? 

A- Most of the information about all the classes we offer is on our website. If you want just give us a call at (570)856-1324 and ask for Dale! Then we can give you all in insight!


Q- how have you guys been? 

A- We have been great! Just making guitars, what about you?


Q- My son is considering one of your seminars. Can I get any travel info (nearest airport, hotels, etc)? We're about 600 miles away and want to way these possibilities against the long drive. Thanks. 

A- Yes, the nearest airport is Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE). There are a few hotels close by in Nazareth, PA. If you would like give us a call and we can help you out more. 

Dale Unger (570)856-1324