-Bucky Pizzarelli

-Andy Summers

- Vince Gill


"Thank you for hosting the ‘Instrument Set up Workshop’! It was most informative and enlightening . Hopefully I can remember all of the information presented!"
- Scott -
"This was the best week of legal fun I think I have ever had. Always wanted to build a guitar. Here I find a workshop in by backyard. 
You guys are great! Thanks for a fantastic experience!"
- Dave -


"Dale & Tyler inspired the confidence in me to fully pursue my dream! 
I gained a wealth of knowledge, and had one heck of an adventure!"
- Brandon -
"I can’t begin to tell you how great everything was!  
My experience in the one on one training class was a vital step in my luthier training."
- Sam -


"Dale and Tyler, I would like to thank you both for a great week during my Solo Archtop class!

- Andy, Stephanie & Tucker -

Guitar Building School