-Bucky Pizzarelli


Dale Unger, Vince Gill, Tyler Unger, Joe Spivey

It has been over 50 years that I have wanted to build an acoustic guitar and the NGI Flattop class far exceeded my wildest expectations.  My OM sounds and plays fantastic! The sharing of experience, wisdom, and insights from Dale and Tyler Unger and Tim Teel are second to none.  Sign up….you will be so glad you did!!

-Jeff J

I received the guitar yesterday!
The guitar you built is the best I have ever played. As for playability and sound, they are exactly what I wanted. I can't wait to use it for my gigs from now on!
- Taka -


Nazareth Guitar Institute Archtop Guitar Building Workshop
The home of the Martin Guitar Factory since the early 1800’s, guitar building is in the air in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.  Building a guitar with Nazareth Guitar Institute’s Dale and Tyler Unger is a magical experience of a sort adults rarely enjoy.  It is like the summer camp where you made new friends, discovered new aptitudes and surged forward in self-confidence and independence.  Dale’s and Tyler’s deep knowledge and skill in guitar building and repair, informed by broad experience in teaching, is delivered in a relaxed atmosphere that provides all the guidance necessary to move participants smoothly through difficult processes without the anxiety and hesitation they would feel working alone.  Students leave at the end of a week too soon over with a great guitar, confidence in their ability to continue building instruments, and expanded appreciation of the fascinating history and on-going evolution of guitar building. 
- John P -


"Thank you for hosting the ‘Instrument Set up Workshop’! It was most informative and enlightening . Hopefully I can remember all of the information presented!"
- Scott -
"This was the best week of legal fun I think I have ever had. Always wanted to build a guitar. Here I find a workshop in by backyard. 
You guys are great! Thanks for a fantastic experience!"
- Dave -


"Dale & Tyler inspired the confidence in me to fully pursue my dream! 
I gained a wealth of knowledge, and had one heck of an adventure!"
- Brandon -
"I can’t begin to tell you how great everything was!  
My experience in the one on one training class was a vital step in my luthier training."
- Sam -


"Dale and Tyler, I would like to thank you both for a great week during my Solo Archtop class!

- Andy, Stephanie & Tucker -

Guitar Building School