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Dale Unger

          I was born September 16, 1954, raised in Nazareth, PA, home of Martin Guitar. In my teens I became inspired by meeting some of the world's finest guitar builders. This led me to play guitar and become a builder. Visiting the shop of one of Martin's craftsmen encouraged me to buy one of his guitars. I was overwhelmed by the craftsmanship and ease of playing. At that point I knew I wanted to build an instrument of that quality. I started building acoustic guitars in 1977 in  collaboration with friend Dick Boak.

In 1993 I began an apprentice with Archtop guitar builder, Robert Benedetto. Working for Bob for several years was an experience of a lifetime. Teaching me his secrets and passions for the Archtop guitar that has taken him some 30 years to master. Together we built some of the worlds finest Archtop guitars.

Gradually, I started incorporating Bob’s secrets with my own ideas. In 1996, inspired by Bob and Cindy Benedetto, I began offering my own handmade Archtop guitars under the American Archtop Brand, for which I have received critical acclaim. American Archtop Guitars are built for the player. Guitars are custom ordered and I am always available to discuss your personal preferences. I am president and owner of American Archtop Guitars Unger Instrument Company.  My world- famous instruments are built in Nazareth, Pa USA. I rarely handcraft more than 20 per year. I also offer several workshops varying from construction of an archtop, flat top and electric guitars at the Nazareth Guitar Institute. I have also produced a CD under my own label with several of my players demonstrating the unique sounds of my guitars.

I now introduce you to my line of American Archtop Guitars. They are one of the finest guitars handcrafted today. Please feel free to call or email  any questions you might have pertaining to my guitars or classes. I will personally answer all questions.


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Tyler Unger

     For as long as I can remember, I have had a guitar in my hands! My father, Dale Unger of American Archtop Guitars, first introduced me to the art of lutherie at a young age. For many years, I travelled the country, pursuing a career as a full-time musician. I spent some time in California at Musician’s Institute before moving to Nashville where I had the privilege of working at the world-renowned guitar shop, Gruhn Guitars After my time in Nashville, I moved back to Pennsylvania to start an electric guitar company with my father called Unger Instrument Co. I still work with him on all the building workshops and the custom guitars we make. I hope to see you at one of our building workshops one day so you can learn and pass down the art of lutherie. 


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