Tube Amp Building Workshop

Tube Amp Building Workshop


 This 3-day workshop is designed for anyone and all skill levels. Guitar players, audio enthusiasts, woodworkers or anyone who wants to learn the art of tube amp building is welcome! Taught by master luthiers Dale & Tyler Unger with special guest Chris Mittlesteadt. Chris is a master of audio and vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. Our Tweed Deluxe style project is modeled after the later narrow panel models, which were the most popular out of all of the Tweed era amps. This class AB tube amp brings the tonal versatility made famous by its original counterpart. The Tweed Deluxe was known as a wonderful studio amplifier due in part to its ability to cover so much musical territory.  Iconic players such as Don Felder, Joe Walsh, Larry Carlton, Neil Young, The Edge, Billy Gibbons, Mike Campbell, Grant Green, Kenny Burrell and countless others have relied on the stellar tone of the 5e3 circuit. For those who love the vintage tone of the 50's, 60's and 70's, this amp build is for you!

     This course explains the operation of how tube amps work, and how different components can change your tone. You will build your very own tweed deluxe style amp with top of the line components. I would be happy to discuss any additional details over the phone at your convenience. Please feel free to contact us at (570) 856-1324.

     One half of the cost of the course is required as a down payment in order to reserve your place.
Classes are filled on a first come basis.

Cost of the workshop: $2,900 

In this workshop you will learn and do....
  • Solder each component on the tag board, install jacks, controls and transformers
  • Install speaker 
  • Learn about different components and their effect on an amplifier's tone
  • Learn how to troubleshoot
  • Learn about Mods / Speaker swapping
  • How tubes work / Why they sound better
  • Trouble Shooting Amps
  • Tools you need
  • Go home with a complete, hand-built boutique-grade amplifier that YOU built!
     Chris Mittlesteadt has spent 40+ years intimately involved with the making of music, instruments, equipment, recording, production and hi-fi sound. Chris’s father was a gigging guitarist and took pride in sharing his joy of music with Chris from a young age.  After high school, Chris pursued a major in music performance in college and moved to Hollywood to attend GIT in 1990.  While at GIT, he learned much about recording and live production technology as well as music.  After GIT, Chris found his way to Nashville where he was fortunate to learn more recording and live production skills from some very gifted people. Every step of the way, Chris was gigging and recording original material and covers with bandmates and friends. Upon meeting his future wife, it became clear that he needed a more “stable” career. Seeing an opportunity, Chris began designing and installing professional audio systems in performance venues. When opportunity knocked in 1999, Chris opened the door and started his own business, Peak Systems Group, Inc. specializing in the design and installation of pro audio, acoustical, video and control systems. Having designed and installed hundreds of installations all over the US, Chris turned his attention to designing audio equipment as a consulting engineer for Sound Devices - the leading brand in field recording and mixing equipment. For nearly 20 years, Chris has enjoyed the art and science of building and repairing audio equipment and specifically, vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. The amp-building hobby began as a way to acquire the amps that created those iconic sounds that Chris had always reached for but it quickly turned into a creative expression of passion. “It feels like building an amp is the perfect combination of elements of my interests and skills - I still get really excited to play the amp for the first time!” “I truly believe that every guitarist should build at least one amp. It gives you such an appreciation for the sound and heritage of guitars and music.” Chris currently lives in rural south-central Wisconsin with his wife, two children and way too many amps! He owns a recording studio where he records and produces projects for outside artists, and continues to design audio and acoustical systems for Peak Systems Group as well as audio equipment for Sound Devices.
Friday 9am - 2:30pm (Option to tour the Martin Guitar Co.)
Saturday: 9am - 3:30pm
Sunday: 9am - 2:30pm

Class Dates


Deposits are non-refundable. If I need to cancel my reservation, and I give more than 30 days notice, I may apply my deposit to a future course. If I cancel my reservation less than 30 days before the course start date, and my spot is filled by another student, I will be able to apply my deposit to a future course. If I cancel less than 30 days before the course and my spot is not filled by another student, my tuition will not be returned or applicable to another class.  I understand my deposit and tuition will be refunded in full in the case of any course cancellation by Nazareth Guitar Institute.

deposit for workshops please send check or money order to:
Nazareth Guitar Institute
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