Bucky Pizzarelli's American Archtop Guitar Model

Bucky Pizzarelli arch top guitar 


"Thanks so much for doing such a great job. He used it last night with all of us at the Cutting Room and even Frank Vignola said he had never heard Bucky's guitar sound so good. The clarity is incredible and its opening up beautifully! Just like mine. Bucky always says when we are setting up " get my guitar to sound like yours". I always tell him get an American Archtop and it will! So he did!" 

 - Ed Laub


"I just listened to the recording I made on Saturday and I tell you, that guitar sounds incredible. What was even unique was the melding of the sounds of the three American Archtop Guitars.   Unbelievable sound. Congratulations on an artistic masterpiece."

 - Charlie M

      Bucky and I have been friends for a very long time and our friendship just keeps growing. Bucky and I even produced an Bucky Pizzarelli Dale Unger Ed Laub Walt Bibinger Jazz Guitar instructional DVD about jazz guitar with my son Tyler as the student. Bucky has recommended my archtop guitars to countless people throughout the years. Bucky's lifelong friend, Ed Laub, who now plays with Bucky often, went to Bucky years ago and asked, "what kind of jazz box should I get?" Bucky told Ed to order one of my handmade custom archtops. Ed now has 3 custom archtops that he plays regularly, including when he plays with Bucky. However, until recently, Bucky did not have an American Archtop to call his own. Finally, long overdue, we collaborated with Bucky to design the ultimate jazz box for him. This 16", laminate 7-string is just what the master was looking for. With smaller F holes to make every note pop and project across any sized room, yet still comfortable under your arm and fingers, it’s perfect for playing Carnegie Hall or sitting on your couch. With a hand-wound, built-in, Kent Armstrong pickup, this guitar offers the perfect archtop sound for everyone to hear. When I finished the guitar for him, Bucky  Bucky Pizzarelli Guitarcould not wait to get his fingers on it. He fell in love in seconds, and used it at a gig just hours later at the Deer Head Inn with Ed Laub and Walt Bibinger. A night with 3 of the best jazz guitarist, each with one of my guitars in their hands, is an experience I will never forget. The playing, the sound, the mood, everything was in line that night. I really hope you get a chance to hear Bucky play and be charmed by his warm and inviting personality. The music he creates and his heart warming nature will put a smile on your face for sure!




 Bucky Pizzarelli Archtop Jazz Guitar


American Archtop  Bucky Pizzarelli Guitar Model 

American Archtop Guitar Back Bucky Pizzarelli

 Bucky Pizzarelli Archtop Guitar Back 

 Bucky Pizzarelli Jazz Box

 Bucky Pizzarelli Archtop Guitar F Hole

 Bucky Pizzarelli 7 string archtop guitar


 Bucky Pizzarelli Ed Laub with American Archtop Guitars


 Bucky Pizzarelli Dale Unger Ed Laub Walt Bibinger Jazz Guitar


 Bucky Pizzarelli Dale Unger Ed Laub Walt Bibinger Deer Head Inn


 Bucky Pizzarelli Dale Unger Ed Laub Walt Bibinger Guitar Player


 Bucky Pizzarelli Dale Unger Ed Laub playing American Archtop Guitars


 Bucky Pizzarelli Dale Unger Ed Laub American Archtop Guitars